I believe in creating value for my clients and yours.

I have a passion for using visual design to create exceptional client experiences and I believe in harnessing the power of honest persuasion to show the true value of products or services.

My journey as a designer has spanned ten years which has seen a huge shift in media platforms, technology and marketing techniques. The challenge for businesses and brands to stand out in a competitive & cluttered marketplace is very real. I continually strive to develop and master my craft but I have forged a personal style which I would describe as clean, minimalistic and functional.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” portrays my design philosophy perfectly and I’m a big believer in ‘less is more’.

I will work with you to create unforgettable experiences for your clients – through consistent branding, valuable content, intuitive design and professional documentation to develop a seamless journey providing true value to keep them coming back for more.

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In March 2017, I flew away from Brisbane (Australia) with nothing but a backpack and a boarding pass. After working behind the same desk for almost five years as a Graphic Designer in the branding & printing world, the travel bug was biting too much to be ignored and before I gave myself the chance to change my mind, I had a one-way ticket to Canada.

My day job had involved designing for large format displays & outdoor branded products and I was lucky enough to work alongside many respectable brands such as Adidas, McDonald’s, Cricket Australia, Golf Australia, Ray White, OPSM and many more. This experience provided me with not only a myriad of technical skills but also an insight into effective advertising and marketing for both small businesses and large corporations.

I do my best work when I believe in what I’m creating and I base my success rate on being able to provide true value to clients, through this global language of design.

What’s it like working with a freelance designer?

Personal Service

You always work with me directly and l take care of your project from start to finish. I tailor every project to your individual requirements to give you a competitive edge rather than a generic template solution.

Cost Savings

I don’t have huge overheads associated with maintaining a studio so you’re simply paying for my expertise. I don’t charge hourly – instead, I put a value on the end product which encompasses my skills, tools and experience.


I’m fully committed to delivering the highest quality work as quickly as I can and I manage my workload so no one gets left behind. If you need something in a hurry, I can usually re-shuffle things to get it done.

Creative Freedom

Living and working on my own terms away from a cubicle allows me to draw inspiration from real-life experiences, places and people… giving me creative license and a clear headspace to do my best work, for you.

And it’s never finished until we’re both 100% satisfied! 

I am currently based in Canada, with clients all over the world.

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